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Close Is Not Enough

Going into the 3rd week of the 2014 FSFL season, some teams are 2-0, some 1-1, and others are 0-2. Among those 0-2 is the Cerberus. However, they this 0-2 team is not like those teams in that same bracket.
The Cerberus have lost both of their games by a mere two points. Now some say you are what your score says, and some beg to differ. No matter how you look at the record you must look at the teams competing.
The Cerberus ended their season against the LI Tribe in a battle for a playoff spot, which start pretty one sided with the Tribe leading 28-6 at half time. By the end of the third quarter the score was 28-28, with the Cerberus scoring 20 unanswered points in one quarter. However, the game ended with the Cerberus QB throwing a pick for a touchdown on behalf of the Tribe, ending the game at 35-28. A game in hand snatched away at the final minutes. However, the Cerberus against the Blue Devils went much different with the Cerberus not scoring a single point in competition.

Now if you compare the team from last season; to the team in these two games ,you will see a brighter side to this season pledged by bad player penalties and wasted possessions.

Week 1 Cerberus versus Tribe was an action packed game with teams going back and forth all game. One team giving up a touchdown just to allow the team to breath again by letting off the gas. Hands down you could see which team was better prepared for the redemption game, that being the Tribe. However, week 2 Cerberus vs Blue Devils was a much different game then that of 2013. Cerberus were leading 18-8 at one point in the game but at half time were only leading 18-14. Clearly, you can see the difference in the Cerberus from week 1 to 2, however not much in the second half differed from week one. The two teams began battling for the lead as the Blue Devils come out the half and score the first punishing touchdown, followed by a Cerberus score not long after. However the Blue Devils seemed to have more to lose and you could see they stepped up their aggressiveness in the 4th quarter. The final score being yet again another 2 point lose on behalf of the Cerberus, with the Blue Devils making the final punch for the win. The final score was 28-26.

The Cerberus are clearly not the team they were last year but their inability to finish with the win makes you weary of the future. Can they come out of this slump and win out the next few games? We all know teams playoff  hopes are built in the first 5 games of the season, and starting 0-2 is not the way to make it to the big game. So, what do you expect from the Cerberus in week three coming up against a fair opponent from last season the Queens Vikings? That game being once again close game 0-7 with neither team scoring until the 4th quarter. Who do you see taking home the win?

Article By: Dorlorian Dickson


  1. HAVOC92

    July 23, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    Hey football fans, Week 1 and Week 2 had some interest games, but if the publisher do not mind, but would like to piggy back off the current title to this story “Close is not Enough.”

    Let’s face the facts that this season for the F.S.F.L. is that there is going to be one team undefeated and that is the Brooklyn Seminoles. They had a real tough preseason schedule but manage to play hard against the best teams in their respectfully organization. Now, they are 2-0 and this train is moving at a face pace both offense and defense. Let’s face it, the only two teams that will give this team any meaningful competition is Harlem Gator and Long Island Panthers. Every opponent that the Seminole will face is “Scooby Snacks.”

    The remaining teams are “CLOSE….BUT NOT ENOUGH to BEAT THE CHAMPS.
    So, in the words of Drake…YOU DON’T LOVE ME NO MORE..AIGHT THEN…Get rollover.

    Let get to the competition for week 3:

    Hudson Valley Cowboys @ New York Bandits: Wow, talk about going thru the recession, Billy Bandit and his boys will need to do some serious soul searching if they think they going to make a run for the playoff or possible championship. Everybody got to lick their wounds and why not get it clean up by beating the Cowboys. “MY PICK- Bandit win by 14 pts. or more”

    Hudson County Bounty Hunters @ Duchess County Bears : This should be G.O.T.W. in my opinion, because both teams have lot to prove and since the D.C. Bears need this win more than ever, then they should focus on all four quarters of the game and try to limit their turnover ratios. Right now, they Quarterback of the DC Bears is looking like Jay Cutler. “MY PICK- D.C. Bear by a field goal or touchdown”

    Brooklyn Blue Devils @ Nassau Golden Eagles: Golden Eagles need to get back on the winning column again after their beat down by the Gators. Hopefully, their feature running back and Quarterback is recovery from the injuries, but if not, I think I saw “Tim Tebow” aka Ed Dixon playing on the field and did decent job. Late rally from being a “do-nut” hence, did manage the game for a quarter and half. Let’s hope the Golden Eagles Secondary figure it out or it could be a long day. “MY PICK- Golden Eagles by 10 pts.”

    South Jersey Cerberus @ Queens Vikings : Vikings defense is looking real tough, but will need to manage to score more than 14 pts. per game if they going to beat the Cerberus. Cerberus, is led by a high power offense and they can give the Viking’s defense fits, if they contain the QB or air attack. Let’s hope the Cerberus pay attention the game tape of the Rebels vs. Vikings, because the difference between The Rebels and Cerberus is “AGE.” “MY PICK- Vikings by 6pts”

    Long Island Tribe @ Long Island Lions: We got a backyard brawl again this week and its feature two teams that can have young and upcoming talent. Thus, one of these teams will need to make statement if they want to be taken serious in this league. Tribe is a team trying to bring back 2011-2012 season back, but with hard work, maybe they can get a step closer to the playoffs. “MY PICK- Lions by a touchdown.

    Empire State Demon Knights @ Nassau Punishers: G.O.T.W features two teams that throw away the record book and bring the brass knuckles. I am looking forward to seeing this game because the rivalry is so deep and I can only root for Shawn to make an huge impact in this league (Rather than his mouth and Facebook comments). However, Jim Boys is showing me some serious Swag after the departure of Coach Mike’s defense reign. “MY PICK- TOSS UP…both team will be balling out there.”

    New York Legion @ New York Kings: I like the Kings direction despite their current record and they should get this win. They just need to finish the game and reduce the turnovers. While the Kings try to figure out how to finish the game, NY Legion will need to play much better than last week or it could be a blowout. “MY PICK- KINGS by 14 pts.”

    New York Rebels @ Long Island Panthers: The ageless Rebels is trying to avoid father time, but eventually, no one can beat the Father of Time. Meanwhile, the LI Panthers have good strive heading into this game, I can see a blow-out in this game. “MY PICK- Panthers by 28 pts.”

    Any given weekend, any given time, anybody can be beat, just prove me wrong.

    Good luck and protect yourselves at all times.

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