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Seminoles honor Players at Halftime of the Battle of Undefeated:
One might ask why a semi professional football team exists. What is it purpose, just to play football? At the first home game for the Seminoles this season they answered that question, by honoring players who go beyond playing football by providing community service, leadership, citizenship, sportsmanship, guidance and mentoring. The Seminoles have kept with these ideals and keeping with their 17 years of traditions, have evolved awards that embrace these ideals.

The Seminoles Star Award (Star Award)
This award is given to the player or players for their contribution on and off the field during the prior season. This award acknowledges the player’s effort for those contributions to the Seminoles organization.

This year’s Star Awards went to:

Windale Bates – For his leadership, mentoring and guidance that exempilify “winning is a lifestyle” not only on the football field but in everyday life. Leading by setting the example instead of talking it, he has been one of the reasons for the 5 Championships, Five Star Football League, 2 Harvest Bowl Regionals, Palm Bowl Championship and the coveted USFA National Championship. He is the definition of a Champion with his dedication, hard work, preparation and commitment to the Seminole Nation community.
Bish-lar Penson – For positive and motivating attitude to the team that help the team propel it to the FSFL Championship and a #1 Ranking in the USFA national coaches poll. He was also a FSFL All Star team as well as the Defensive Back of the year. As a players representative he demonstrated the leadership that facilitated the team unity.
Kevin Barthelemy – As the longest standing veteran on the team, his mentoring and guidance to younger players has motivated and maintain the 1unit 1 team philosophy. In 2013 he racked up 31 tackles, 4 for loss, 2 pass deflections, 3 fumble recoveries and 1 touchdown.

The Oliver J. Stevenson Lifetime Achievement Award (OJ Award): The OJ Award is one of the highest awards that can be given to a player. This award represents the foundations for the Seminoles organization. The award is named after the founder of the Seminoles in 1997. It is the pinnacle of the ideals and virtues that the organization represents. It is the true reason for a semi-professional football team’s existence.

This year’s award went to:
Jerol Wilson – Jerol has been the quarterback for the Seminoles for the past few years. He has shown the leadership, mentoring and patience to help build the current team. His quiet way inspires leads and demonstrates what is expected to be a Seminole. This quiet way coupled with his hard work ethic leads his teammates to achieve at a higher level.
So the answer to the question is yes Seminoles play football, however we also build character, leadership, provide community service, mentoring and guidance to the players, coaches, staff and fans. These four gentlemen are examples of the commitment the Seminoles have for these ideals and virtues, plus enjoy a good game of football during the season. A credit to the Brooklyn community.

Come see these players and more at Sunday’s game against Nassau Golden Eagles, Kings Bay, 2670 Coyle Street, Brooklyn, NY Kick Off 2 PM

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