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Never Give Up, Bounty Hunters Versus Pitbulls

Written by: Sebastian Bazz Allen
1st QUARTER : The Pitbulls 1st Drive of the game begins with immediate success running the football and they move deep into the RED ZONE, But the ‘Hunters Defense finally settles down and stiffens UP !! Causing a Turnover on Downs for the Pitbulls as they attempted to convert a 4th Down via the Pass. The Bounty Hunters now get their 1st possession of the Game which ends in a 3 and Out, forcing a Punt . QB-Punter “SKE” Holmes flips the field and punts the ball 60+ yards deep in Pitbulls territory, which backs them up against their own End Zone. Two running plays later, James Seagraves tackles the LI ballcarrier in the End Zone for a Safety… ‘Hunters- 2 , Pitbulls – O.

2nd QUARTER: The Bounty Hunters receive the Free Kick after scoring the Safety and the drive begins with a 25 yard return by “Slush” Darrisaw. The Hunter Offense picks up the pace and score their 1st touchdown of the day!!! Ryan “SKE” Holmes throws a 7-Yard TD Pass to WR#2- Jimmy Smith… Holmes Scrambles 2 yards for the 2 Point Conversion. Bounty Hunters- 10 , Pitbulls – O.
Later in the quarter, both teams exchange Possessions by way of Interceptions…But the ‘Hunters steady themselves again as ‘Hunter HB#22- Bryan Smith gets an 11-yard Run For the Touchdown.. 2-Point Conversion pass to WR#2 Jimmy Smith –GOOD !! ‘HUNTERS- 18 , Pitbulls – O
Long Island Pitbulls Tight End #85, on an excellent run after the catch, goes 76 Yards on a Slant for the TD…. X-Tra Point –GOOD…. ‘Hunters – 18 , Pitbulls- 7 …. LATE 2nd Quarter
The ‘Hunters gets the ball back before the end of the period and utilizes their Hurry-Up Offense as QB Holmes completes a 23-yard TD Pass to WR#6 – Jibril Stokes…. 2-Point Attempt- NO GOOD… The Hudson County (NJ) Bounty Hunters- 24, The Long Island Pitbulls – 7… HALFTIME!!!

3rd QUARTER: Everything was Nip and Tuck during the Period, as both teams jockeyed for decent field position. No scoring this time around as the Score remains, Bounty Hunters 24, Pitbulls- 7 End Of the 3rd Quarter

4th QUARTER: The Bounty Hunters cashes in one more time as QB “SKE” Holmes finds the End Zone with an 11-yard scramble for the Touchdown… Holmes again with a 2-Point conversion by RUN … ‘Hunters – 32 , Pitbulls – 7 …. The Pitbulls possessed the Ball for majority of the quarter by way of the Pass. Tight End #85 made this contest interesting with His Tough Catches and Runs through the Hunter Defense. Despite it all, The Bounty Hunter defense bent a little ,but DID NOT Break !!! The Final Score: The Hudson County (NJ) Bounty Hunters- 32, The Long Island Pitbulls – 7…..
The Game was Highlighted in this Observer’s point of view by the Great Offensive Line Play by the Bounty Hunters. QB #7-Ryan Holmes seemed to have an enormous amount of time to throw the ball at different stretches of the Game. On many plays, He even had time enough to direct traffic back in the pocket, almost reminiscent of The New England Patriots a few years back Pass Blocking for Tom Brady !!
A few picks were thrown by Holmes, but none impacted the ultimate outcome of the Game. In Addition, #22 Bryan Smith brought the Sledgehammer with his punishing running style as usual, which keyed a very balanced Offensive attack . The regular season is almost done and this is a great time for the Line to come together!!! The Defense held strong most of the day and was also highlighted by the play of DE#42-James Seagraves, who scored a Safety and recorded a Sack for the Hunters last Sunday.
Solid Win, Guys !! And now with an 8 and 1 Record, The ‘Hunters will now prepare for the Regular Season Finale against the Harlem Gators, also with an identical 8-1 record!! A High Seeding in the 5-Star Playoffs is at stake in this Matchup.


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