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Seminoles Back to Championship Game

The second round of the playoffs matched an up and coming Nassau Gold Eagles against the Brooklyn Seminoles. The Eagles had beaten the LI Tribe to grab a 5th playoff position and then beat the 4th seeded LI Panthers to get to this round of the playoff.

You have to admire how the Eagles closed out the regular season with a convincing win over the LI Tribe to secure their playoff position, following up on that an emotional win over the LI Panthers and Johnny Football to get to this round of the playoffs. Their biggest improvement was on the defensive side of the ball, at the beginning of the season they were giving up an average of 27 points a game yet by the end of the season they were only giving up 12 points a game a marked improvement as they entered the playoffs.

With a strong running game that allow them to control the clock the Nassau Golden Eagles came to Tilden High School to overcome and defeat the undefeated Brooklyn Seminoles. However the Seminoles had already realized that this was not the same team the beat 35-12 earlier in the season.

The Brooklyn Seminoles defense came to demonstrate that the Golden Eagles were not the only team who’s defense had improved, between the passing and running of the offense, and the determined Noles defense the Golden Eagles were unable to unleash their offense. When the final whistle was sounded the score stood 33-3 in favor of the Seminoles.

So the Brooklyn Seminoles move on to the Championship versus the Harlem Gators, and everyone through that only Florida had the corner on this game. The Seminoles bring their 12-0 record to this game while the Gators bring an 11-1 record. The only lost during the season was to the Seminoles 26-7. So after all is said and done the #1 seeded team will play the #2 seeded team for the 2014 Five Star Championship.

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  1. Havoc92

    November 3, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    The biggest joke of all is that everyone seem surprise when I said back in week 2, that the Seminoles was going to win it all. Now, look who is back 2 back “Champs.” Coach Mike, two teams as DC and two times blow outs. Do you want to make it “3 Peat?” Don’t laugh out loud just yet, because, who knows which team he is going to take to the Five Star Championship next year (Bounty Hunters, LI Panthers or dare I say GE Eagles you can lol on that last comment). The bottom line is this, if “NYC Falcons” aka the Punishers aka Gators aka “???” could have sustain the talent after winning the very first one, I believe the Falcons vs. Seminoles battles could have been like the NY Panthers vs. Brooklyn Mariners of past time. Yet, it goes to show the teams who is trying to build a solid program that when it all counts, talent alone does not win championship. It must have a common solid foundation and common ground to build championship team. The Seminoles represent the Good, Bad & Ugly of semi-pro football, but they have the hardware to prove it. Hence, something to think about; I believe NYC as a football program can be bigger than any program in semi pro football and since the Seminoles prove my point that hard work and dedication can go a long way, they can be National Champs as well. Congratation too the Seminole Nations, Rise and Stand, because you guys will be National Champs and I believe nobody can beat you…not even C.P.P. Great Job

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