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Gators Swap Hunters for Championship Appearance

1st Quarter: Early on in this contest, Both squads were initially “Feeling Out” each other as in their previous Matchup where the Gators eked out a 1-point Win 3 weeks ago. Such was not case on this Saturday Night in the Bronx, NY on the grounds of where the House that BABE RUTH built once stood!!! Towards the end of the 1st Quarter, the Harlem Air Assault began. Harlem Gators Quarterback #10- Steffen Colon completes a 30+ Yard TD pass to Gator WR#20 as they draw 1st Blood in this Game…. Extra Point Kick was Good !!! Gators-7, Hunters-0

2nd Quarter: After the Bounty Hunters were forced to Punt after a “3 and OUT”, Gator QB Steffen Colon Again connects on a 36-Yard TD pass to WR#20 for another score… Extra Point Kick was Good !!! Gators-14, ‘Hunters-0
To their dismay, QB SKE Holmes and the Bounty Hunters vaunted Air Attack were subjugated to a “Failure to Launch” the entire 1st Half , as the Bounty Hunter QB was pressured into several overthrows to open receivers and had to scramble often.
The shining point for the Bounty Hunters in this Half was their Defensive stand as the Harlem Gators peppered the D with steady 1st down runs and leaping vertical passes by the Gator Wide Outs were driving downfield and Knocking on the door for another Touchdown. The Bounty Boyz Defense stiffened and held fast the Gator’s FG Attempt was Blocked. The Hunters took over control of the Ball, but were unable to put together a substantial drive as time ran out in the 2nd Quarter.
HALFTIME SCORE: The Harlem Gators – 14 , The Hudson County Bounty Hunters- 0 ….. FIVE-Star Football League Playoff SEMI-FINAL Game !!!!!!

3rd Quater: After a Harlem punt, on The ‘Hunter 1st possession of the 2nd Half ,they were on the Move until QB Ske Holmes,under Heavy Duress, threw a pick to #51 “OX” Mitchell,who returned the INT 40+ Yards as He slid into 2nd Base and Into Bounty Hunter territory !!!!
On the Gator Drive, QB Steffen Colon goes Vertical again , as Wide Receiver #4- Kadeem Wilson goes unchecked on a Corner Route and catches Colon’s 3rd Touchdown Pass of the Game !!!! Extra Point Kick was GOOD !!! Harlem Gators – 21, HC Bounty Hunters – 0.
After receiving the subsequent Kickoff, a determined Hunters Offense was turned away again in the RED ZONE with a fumble recovery by the Gators #17 ….. Harlem Ball!!!!
The Gators drove to the RED ZONE again, Until Colon threw a INT in the End Zone to Bounty Hunter Defensive Back #37- George”Savage”Williams … but the Hunters were forced to punt !!!! End of 3rd Quarte.

4th QUARTER:On the Gators 1st drive of the 4th, they again Threatened the RED ZONE only to be rebuffed by the ‘Hunter D!!! Their Field Goal Attempt was NO GOOD still 21 to 0 –Harlem Gators
Next Drive… Ske Holmes coughs up the Ball to Gator D-Lineman #17.. Gators Ball
The Gator drive ends with a punt and Finally, The Hunters Air Raid comes alive !!!! Hunter DB-WR #21 – Slush Darrisaw hauls in a 70 yard Pass from QB# 7- SKE Holmes on a Spectacular, Mercurial Catch and Run !!!! The Extra Point was No Good…. Gators- 21 , ‘Hunters – 6
Final Gator drive of the Game: The Bounty Hunter Defense became fatigued and the Offensive Unit used the advantage to put together another Scoring Drive as Gator HB# 2 “CT” Courtney Jones dashed untouched over the right side of the defense for a 17 yard RUN for the TD….. Extra Point – GOOD !!! Gators- 28, Hunters- 6
The “Barbed Wire Bullies” from Jersey made a valiant effort on their last drive as time was running out to make the Score closer as QB#7-SKE Holmes attempted a few Scramble and Heaves toward the Gator End Zone, but it was for naught as the Clock ran out!!!!
The FINAL SCORE in this Five-Star Football League Semi-Final Game was The Harlem(NY)Gators-28, The Hudson COUNTY (NJ!!!-NOT Hudson VALLEY) Bounty Hunters-6
This Victory earns the Gators the right to appear in the FSFL Championship Bowl to Face the Winner of the Brooklyn Seminoles/ Nassau Golden Eagles Matchup on Sunday 10/26/2014
(Which the Seminoles Won that contest, 33 to 3 as of this Posting)
Shout-Out to the Harlem Gator’s #5-“JUJU” !!! I had a cordial convo with this Gentleman and He appeared optimistic towards Next Saturday’s Championship Game against the ‘NOLES on 11/1/2014 at Aviator Field !!!!
Peace, from The BROTHA wit’ the LAPTOP – “BAZZ” Allen

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