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FSFL Writes Another Chapter – Seminoles Win Championship

The cold wind came out of Jamaica Bay across the deserted runways and across Aviator Field with driving rain. It was cold, damp and windy as the Five Star Football League kicked off their fifth Championship game. The weather seemed more appropriate for a horror movie or crime drama instead of a Championship game.

Under these conditions the Brooklyn Seminoles faced the Harlem Gators for the 2014 Championship game. It was also a game where the old axiom “defense wins games” became a tautology. The general census was the weather would affect the high powered passing offense of the Seminoles and that the Gators running attack would rule the day.
The Seminoles won the toss and decided to receive the kick off. Starting from their own 20 yard line then ran 2 plays one of these was a penalty. On the third play of the series Jerold Wilson hit Langley Young for a 72 yard pass putting the ball on the Gator 8 yard line. On the next play Ty Brown took it into the end zone, the PAT was good and the score stood 7-0 with only 2:30 minutes gone in the 1st quarter. Was the weather a factor?

On the ensuing kick-off the Gators were pinned in the red zone. However this is a team that has one of the league’s best run offenses. On the first play Yesha Carraway took the ball down the Seminole sidelines for 85 yards only a touchdown saving tackle by Troy Duncan stop them from scoring. Would the Gators score to tie the game? The Noles defense reached deep inside themselves showing the Seminoles pride and honor. They held the Gators and forced them to attempt a field goal but a strong rush by the Noles stopped this scoring attempt dead. The Seminoles started another drive but a bad snap and fumble recovery by the Gators put the ball in the red zone. Only a touchdown saving tackle by Jerold Wilson stops them from scoring. Once again the defense was asked to hold and once again they held and the field goal attempt was no good.

This is how the 1st half when the Seminoles deep in their own territory and their defense stopping the Gators inside the red zone 2 more times and the half ended 7-0 Seminoles. As the third quarter was beginning the Seminoles defense was determined to show the league who was the number 1 defense in the league. On the kick-off the Gators were held to a 3 and out by the Noles defense. Following a punt the Noles Offense was deep in their own territory, they drove the length of the field for another touchdown and the PAT was good making the score 14-0 Seminoles. A fired up Noles defense took the field and held once more. Again starting from deep in their own territory the Noles started another drive, however a fumble recovery by the Gators was returned for a touchdown. The Gators faked a PAT and the 2 point conversion was good, the score 14-8 Seminoles. However the Seminoles we’re going to show they had a running game also. After the kick-off the Seminoles offense drove the length of the field behind the running of Ty Brown and Jerold Wilson another score and PAT and the 3rd quarter ended the score 21-8 Seminoles.

The Seminoles had to overcome 4 offensive turnovers so far and the Seminoles defense was going to show why “defense wins Championship”. Every time the Gators started a drive it was shut down by the powerful defensive line of the Seminoles. Pressure by Tory Duncan and sacks by George Gedin and Shaquan Smith put the Gators in long down situation and ideal situation for the Seminoles ‪#‎DBU‬ to shut down the passing game. As the 4th quarter started the Seminoles offensive had the ball deep in their own territory once again. Using their running game and quick passes the offense drove down the field, while eating up over 6 minutes of the clock, for another score the PAT attempt was no good. With less than 10 minutes in the game the score 27-8 the Seminoles defense shut the door for the rest of the game. The Gators last attempt was closed with 54 second left in the game. The Seminoles took a knee and let the clock run out. Final score 27-8 Seminoles repeating as Champions.

The Seminoles wrote another chapter in FSFL with the “Prefect Season” 10 season wins, 2 playoff wins and a repeat Championship. Their defense held back 5 Gator drives inside the red zone without giving up a score. They had proven that they were Champions and the best defense and offense in the Five Star Football League for 2014.

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  1. Dave Hom#11

    November 10, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Congrats to the Seminoles Organization on your repeat and an undefeated season!!

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