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By Fred Gerken 


This write up will only recap this game that was played for the FSFL championship. However if you were not able to attend this game then you missed one hell ‘a of a game. These were as evenly matched as two teams could be, instead of a blow out this game was played to the end by two legendary teams. The NY Rebels (#2) faced off against the Brooklyn Seminoles (#1) at the Mitchell Field Athletics Complex. 

The NY Rebels won the toss and elected to receive the ball. They proceed to attack the Seminoles defense working down the field for the a quick score with a 20 yard TD from #8 David Legree to #6 Lowell Robinson. The 2 point conversion failed and the score 6-0 Rebels and the Seminoles looked confused and stunned. However the old saying “Championships are won by defense” became the truth for the next 2 quarters. As the Seminoles received the kick off and putting them in good field positons they worked the ball down the field. Then #12 Jerold Wilson aired it out to #19 Mike Steph but the ball was short and the Rebels intercepted it. The Seminoles took the field and in the next two Rebels possessions created fumbles. One fumble gave the Seminoles offense excellent field position and they took advantage of it by an option pass from #3 Kareem Williams to #81 Langley Young, the 2 point conversion failed and the quarter ended with a 6-6 tie. 

The second quarter showed why these two defenses are the best in the league as stopped promising drives in the red zone. Then with it 4th and 12 deep in Rebels territory, a bad snap to the punter and hard rushing Seminoles defense, Seminoles recovered on the Rebel’s 12 yard line. The Rebels defense came out and held the Noles offense who had to settle for a 40 yard field goal by #10 Vinny Cirrincione, score 9-6 Seminoles. Here we were three quarters thru the first half with two offenses that scored of 30 + points a game and so far could only manufacturer 15 total points between the two. This defense battle continued with the Seminole’s able to manage the clock and recover two Rebels fumbles as the half ended 9-6 Seminoles.

Seminoles received the 3rd quarter kickoff with good field position. They moved the ball down the field, then #12 Jerold Wilson hit #19 Mike Steph with a 60 yard pass putting the ball on the Rebels 20 yard line. The next paly #12 Jerold Wilson hit #3 Kareem Williams with a 20 yard touchdown pass, the PAT was good and the score 16-6 Seminoles. The Seminoles defense stopped the Rebels next drive inside the red zone on down with 11 minutes left in the quarter. This is when the Noles unleashed their brutal running game of #6 John Morrison, who grinded out first downs over and over until the quarter ended.

However the fireworks were about to happen and the Rebels ignited them. Stopping the Seminole offense the Rebels quickly when down the field and scored the 2 point conversion failed and the score 16-12 with 6:12 left in the quarter. The Noles came knocking again and were denied with the Rebels taking over on downs deep in their own territory. The first play #8 David Legree looked to his left to throw the Noles DE Lucius Simon when up and blocked the pass, as it tumbled down DT #51 George Gedin made an acrobatic move and intercepted the ball. The Noles offense took the field however the Rebels defense rose up and stopped them on the 1 yard line. Rebels were in striking distance to take the lead and proceeded to move down the field and score, the 2 point conversion failed and the score stood at 18-16 Rebels. They had finally taken the lead since losing it in the second quarter of the game. The Seminoles would be receiving the kickoff with 3 minutes to go in the game and 2 time outs. They would need a field goal to win the game. This was a new experience for the Seminoles being down with just 2 minutes to play. 

Taking the ball form their own 25 yard line #12 Jerold Wilson moved them down the field with clutch catching coming from #81 Langley Young for first downs. Working the ball to the Rebels 35 yard line #12 Jerold Wilson had #2 Eddie Hardaway run a skinny post finding the opening in the middle and hit him with a touchdown pass, the 2 point conversion was good and the score 24-18 with 54 seconds on the clock. The weather was starting to turn and rain clouds were rolling in as the Seminoles kicked off to the Rebels. The kick was a touch back and the Rebels took over on their own 25 yard lines. Did the heaven open up or was it the tears of joy from all the teammates, friends and family that the Seminoles has lost and dedicated this game to. The Rebels ran two plays gaining one first down in a downpour, then with 34 seconds left on the clock #8 David Legree dropped back to throw but was hit by #52 Keith Chris Watson losing control of the ball. As players from both sides scrambled for the ball in rolled into the end zone where #13 Andre Ray recovered it for the touchdown and the score 30-18, at this point the game was called. 

These were two teams that fought, tooth and nail, to the end and in one of the most exciting games played in FSFL history. The Brooklyn Seminoles had won unprecedented 4th FSFL Championship in a row, a historical achievement that goes down in the history book for the FSFL and semi-professional football. As for this game it will be talked about for a long time as 2 championship caliber teams from the FSFL wrote history one day in October. 

What does the future hold for the Noles? Another run at the National Championship for a repeat? Has age caught up to them? Time will answer these questions.

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  1. Keesha

    January 2, 2017 at 11:23 am

    If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kwagbunao, dude!”

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